McInley family...

Variations on the name include : McInley, McInly, McKinlay, McKennely, McKennelly, McKinley, MacKinley

McKinlay is the name as it appears on the MNRR land grant map for the area of Liscombe Harbour, on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

As of 2023-12-29, the matter of spelling is unresolved. McInley has been used but can be replaced if need be once Anne's actual surname becomes known.

The McInley family is related through the marriage of Anne McInley to Jean Jacques "Jacob" Thibeau.

There is no record of their marriage found as yet, but the connection can be made - principally through the 1817 census. Jean Jacques "Jacob" Thibeau appears as Jacob Tiboo, a supposed American, with a wife and daughter. Records from later years provide the wife's given name and surname, though not definitively.

DNA test results have made the connection backward between JJT and Louis Joseph Wauthy. This information is laid out in two interconnected web pages (Thibeau and Wauthy).

The short of it is that LJW deserted the French Army at the Seige of San Sebastián in Spain in late August or early September of 1813. Whether he was captured or he surrendered, he chose to sign with the British as an infantryman on Sept. 10th. He spent roughly six months in training before his battalion was transported to Halifax to defend Nova Scotia's interests from American attack (it was the War of 1812). In British military records, he was known as Lewis Wauty. This, and other instances of name changing leads me to believe that LW was illiterate - unable to correct the record.

Officially, on November 29th, 1814, while serving in the 7th Battalion 60th Infantry regiment, Company 4, under the command of Captain Dumas, LW deserted the British Army in Halifax.

As of 2023-12-29, I do not yet know how LW/JJT came to meet and marry an Anne McInley, should this prove to be her name.

For the record...

There are six records in hand that lead me to believe that LW/JJT's wife's surname was McInley, or a variation on the spelling of that (thrice McInly, McInley, McKennely, McKennelly). Of these six records, three show Anne as the given name, one shows Anne with Jo- inserted, one shows Joanne, and one shows Marie.

1) 1843. On the record of the marriage of the couple's first daughter in 1843, the bride's mother is recorded as being Anne McInley (the father as Jean Thibault).

2) 1851. On the record of the marriage of the couple's first son in 1851, the groom's mother is recorded as being Anne McKennely (the father as Jean Thibault). J. Courteau could be Father Julian Courteau: History of the Parish... "Father Julian Courteau Served For 28 Years Pastor of L'Ardoise Parish (June 1841 - May 6, 1869)."

3) 1852. On the record of the marriage of the couple's second son in 1852, the groom's mother is recorded as being Anne McKennelly (the father as Jacques Thibeault).

4) 1858. On the record of the marriage of the couple's third son in 1858, the groom's mother is recorded as being Jo-Anne McInly (the father as Jean Thibeault).

5) 1859. On the record of the marriage of the couple's second daughter in 1859, the bride's mother is recorded as being Joanne McInly (the father as Jean Thibault). The word "Late" is squeezed in - JJT did reportedly die in 1856, so this may be taken as confirmation of that fact.

Felicite, the couple's third daughter, is known to have married Edward Hearn. Felicite and Edward had two children. I do not as yet have any documents to point to, to futher make the case.

6) The sixth corroborating item for surname is a comment by historian Paul Touesnard about JJT: ""At his death in 1856, at the age of 69, he is named Jean Jacques Thibeault survived by his wife, Marie McInley."

Where it gets confusing is the baptismal record of Jean Pierre Thibeau (born October 20, 1829, baptized December 27, 1829). His father is shown as Jean Thibeau and his mother as Anne McEagney (McKeagney).

With the other evidence of McInley and the lack of further evidence of McKeagney, I think this was a transcriber's mistake. McKeagney may be somewhat of a sound-alike for McInley, with a silent g. There were prominent McKeagneys in the L'Ardoise area, the Sydney area, and in the Manchester area - all points of interest in the Wauthy aka Thibeau story, all seeming distractions.

This is from a website about the McKeagney family: "Marie "Anne" McKeagney ... b 1806, d Nov 9, 1839 at L'Ardoise CB Anne married Thomas Charles Grady (1798-1897) at Manchester NS about 1827". This birth date would not work with JJT having a child to report on the 1817 census, let alone that Anne went on to marry someone else.

2023-11-30... In checking Paul Touesnard's website tonight, I see that he has already arrived at this conclusion. (I seem to have overlooked this the last time I checked his site link.) PT: "Note: Several sources on the web indicate that Jacob's wife was Anne McKegney and that she was born in 1806 and died in 1839 at L'Ardoise. This is not possible given that their first child was born before 1817 as reported in the Census."

It is simpler to believe that this record is incorrect than it is to believe that the other five records are incorrect. Applying Occam's razor, the name is, therefore, likely to be McInley. And, no need to take my word for it anyway. Visit Touesnard's site.

From this article L'ARDOISE PARISH HAS LONG HISTORY by Bishop John Cameron...

"L'Ardoise remains without a priest until Father Potvin was appointed in October 1828. The next pastor was Trudel from October 1829 to September 1832. The next pastor was Father Patrick MacKeagney who was pastor from December 1832 to June 1841. He was a brother of Father Henry MacKeagney and also the politician James MacKeagney.

In 1840 River Bourgeois became a mission of L'Ardoise. Father Julian Courteau became the next pastor and stayed in L'Ardoise for 28 years."

Imagine someone transcribing this record coming across Anne McInly or McKennelly and writing Anne McEagney instead.

From this page, view transcribed baptism and birth records, Canada, Nova Scotia, Antigonish Catholic Diocese, 1823-1905, Richmond, L'Ardoise, Holy Guardian Angels, Baptism.

Further evidence would be welcome, to be sure. We know who Anne wasn't, now we want to know who Anne was.

Circumstantial evidence of the name Anne McInley...


This seems to be a family and an era in which naming conventions were being used. Given these possible name origins, there are a number of them that may provide clues.

It is speculated here that...

(Thomas, Jacob, Daniel, Marie Anne, Peter.) First daughter Anne named her first son Thomas after her father-in-law. She named her second son after her own father Jacob. She named her third son after Uncle Daniel Sheehan. Her first (and only) daughter was named Marie Anne, perhaps to differentiate her from her mother and grandmother while still contributing legacy. Her fourth (and last) son was named after her brother, Uncle Peter.

Second daughter Margaret apparently had no children with husband John Toole.

(Jean Jacques (Jacob), Johanna (Hannah), Susan, Sylvester, Felicite Margaret, Thomas, Edward, Alexander.) First son Sylvester named his first son Jean Jacques (Jacob) Thibeau. He named his first daughter Johanna (Hannah) after his mother or oldest sister or both. He named his second daughter after the wife of his brother Jean Pierre (Susan Pottie). He named his second son after himself. He named his third daughter Felicite Margaret after his other two sisters. He may have named his third son after a Sheehan, sister Anne's first son or her father-in-law; his fourth son after brother-in-law Edward Hearn, husband of sister Felicite; and his fifth son after Felicite's son-in-law Alexander Linhoff.

(Peter, Margaret, Jean Antoine Pius, Patrick, Rosalie.) Second son Jean Pierre's first son was named after his brother Peter; his first daughter was named after his unwed-as-yet sister Margaret; hia second son was named after himself and the Pope at the time (Pope Pius IX); his next son Patrick (born 1863) and daughter Rosalie (born 1865) seem to be disassociated from relatives' names I can see, although there would be several subsequent generations of Patricks and Rosalie would be an aunt to Mary Rosalie Azalene ("Minnie") Thibeau.

(Sylvester, Peter, Jean Luc, Moses, Daniel, David, Mary Anne, Anastasia, Sarah Jane, Annie Johanna.) Third son Peter had twins first. He named one Peter Alexander after himself and the other William Sylvester after his brother Sylvester; his third son Jean Luc was probably named after his brother Jean Pierre; his other sons (Moses, Daniel and David) had indirect biblical references; his first three daughters were named with derivatives of Anne (Mary Anne, Anastasia, and Sarah Jane); and his last daughter (10th child) was named Annie Johanna. (I suppose practically the whole family was religious in the tradition of "teach a man to fish...".)

(Johanna, Edward.) Daughter Felicite named her first (and only) daughter Johanna, after her own mother. In parallel, her first (and only) son was named Edward after his father.

Of these original six children of JJT and Anne McInley, the first five children named their first daughters Anne, --, Anne Marie, Marie Anne, Johanna (Hannah), and Margaret, while the last child named his daughters Mary Anne, Anastasia, Sarah Jane (derivative of John or Jean) and Johanna (Annie in brackets in the baptismal record). Is there a common thread here?

And in the section above on Anne Thibault being "on the record" so to speak as a six-time mother or wife, there was Anne, Anne, Anne, Jo-Anne, Joanne, and Marie (the last, a record of JJT's death that I have not yet seen and cannot confirm).

Searches, therefore, should begin with the name Anne McInley - but with consideration given to the numerous alternative spellings and erroneous sources.

(I am reminded of Shoeless Joe giving advice to Archie Graham in Field of Dreams: "Look for low and away... but watch out for in-your-ear." We know to look for the answer close to home, but it might well be out in left field somewhere.)

If JJT and wife Anne used conventions to name their children, this could be something of a guide as to who to look for.

Of the six children of JJT and wife Anne McInley:

First daughter, named Anne, after her mother Anne, is a kind of closed loop. It should be noted, though, that Louis Wauthy had a sister named Anne Josèphe Désirée Wauthy.

Second daughter, named Margaret - opens a door. It is not LW's mother or a sibling (although there are three Margeurites in the incomplete data I have on the Wauthy family - a distant cousin, a 1x great aunt and a 3x great aunt). Could a Margaret be a mother or sister of Anne McInley?

First son, named Sylvester - an unassociated name for LW, could it be out of respect for Anne McInley's father, or an uncle or brother on Anne's side?

Second son, named Jean Pierre - Jean fits LW's assumed first name of Jean Jacques (Jacob) Thibeau. Pierre is Louis Joseph Wauthy's father's name (Pierre Joseph Wauthy), and his father's father's name (Pierre François Joseph Wauthy).

Third son, named Peter - Peter is the English equivalent of the name Pierre, that would be Louis' father and grandfather again.

Third daughter, Felicite is an easy fit. Louis Joseph Wauthy had a sister named Félicité Marie Justine Wauthy.

Even the at-first unassociated name Rosalie given to son Jean Pierre's second daughter can now be associated with Louis Joseph's sister Rosalie-Julienne Wauthy.

This would make for the last three of the six children's names with connections to relations back in Belgium. What are the odds? Does this not bolster the evidence that Jean Jacques Thibeau and Louis Joseph Wauthy are one and the same? Does it also suggest that there may have been contact between LW/JJT and his Belgian family while and after he became a British Army infantryman, perhaps for a number of years, even up to his death?

So, take from this guidance as to who in the McInley family may tie in. Look for a Margaret as a mother or sister. Look for a Sylvester as a father, uncle or brother.

And does this not also up the odds that either LW had been home to Belgium or his relations had visited Cape Breton?

Perhaps a through look through ship's passenger lists for the name Wauthy might yield something.

To check...

No relations found to date, but there are some interesting MacInleys along the southern seacoast of Nova Scotia, living in the Country Harbour and Liscombe areas. Is it possible that, after deserting in Halifax, LW made his way east along the coast, finding work perhaps with the ship-owning McInleys?

Review large family of Elizabeth McKinley, born 28 Aug., 1800, Country Harbour, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada, death unknown

Daniel McInley, shipwright, Poll Tax Records, 1791-1795, Halifax, Halifax County,— 1792

Did LW go south or east?

Did he have a plan or did he wing it?

Did he meet "Anne" in Halifax or after?

Did he ever marry or not?

Did he have in-laws?

Was his work above the table or under?

Was Anne a flouter of laws herself?

When exactly did he change his name?

What exactly is Anne's name?

Was he self-employed or a hired hand?

Was he literate or not? Was Anne?

Did he ever go home or communicate with family? Did any come to Canada? Did they know where he was?

Where was he from Nov. 29, 1814 to June 1817?

Where was he from July 1817 to June 1824?

When was Felicite born?

Misreading 1817 census - was wife the American and JJT and child Acadian?


While not all records survived in Nova Scotia to look through, there is nothing to say that Anne was not born somewhere else, like another country - except, the 1817 census said the wife and child of Jacob Tiboo were Acadian.

Photos and papers at the Nova Scotia Archives.

Interesting records at Nova Scotia Archives, some rare document formats.

More records at the Archives.

More to find.


Who was the Justice of The Peace who processed the land grant petition, and where did he operate from?

A highly detailed map at entitled Map of Cabotia, 1814. Shows the south seacoast very well and in detail.

Did Soldiers Cove figure into what JJT was doing in the area?


Dates of interest include:

Louis Joseph Wauthy's birth date - born April 6, 1788, in Biesme, Mettet, Namur, Belgium

Anne McInley's birth date - on the very outside, 1778 to 1802. More likely, 1795 to 1800.

Lewis Wauty, in Halifax up until November 29, 1814.

Jacob Tiboo, in Manchester, Sydney County, June 24, 1817, enumerated on that year's census.

In 1814, LW is just 26 years old. Think of what you were like at 26.

Thibaut and family were in Manchester in 1817, did they migrate to Cape Breton when the McKeagney family did, in 1823?


Descendants of (as yet unknown) McInley...

________ McInley

Follow this link to see more details about these children and Jean Jacques "Jacob" Thibeau.

Follow this link to see more details about Louis Joseph Wauthy aka Lewis Wauty.


In passing, I came across this item. Richard McEnally, "Presented for Baptism" by Anne McEnally - something I have never seen before.

It can be found here, in church records, viewable at (free membership, get one). Select: Canada, Nova Scotia, Antigonish Catholic Diocese, 1823-1905, Richmond, L'Ardoise, Holy Guardian Angels, Baptism, image 184 of 442.

Of course, the presenter's name draws attention. The spelling of "McEnally" brings to mind the wife of JJT, but she died in 1857.

And the baptism date precedes the birth date. Click on the image to view the entire page in context.

If this had been a child born to a known father or mother, would the record not show their name?

And why Halifax? Is this the result of an adoption? Was the mother taken to Halifax for special medical attention? Did she die in childbirth?

If the birth date had been a more sensible December 14, 1865, with a baptism following in 1866, the child would be 6 when the 1871 census was taken.

This next record of birth appears to be related. Nancy McAnally, born June 12, 1836, to Phillippe McAnally and Marie Lanan. Baptized in L'Ardoise.

And yet another record of birth of some interest. Marie McNally, born December 5, 1841, to Phillip McNaley and Marie Samson. Baptized in L'Ardoise.

Now, maybe this has nothing to do with the McInly story at all. Or maybe these just muddy the waters. Still, McEnally, McAnally, McNally id closer to Mckinley than McKeagney (even with a silent g).

I have added this in the appendix in the hopes that someone who knows what this baptismal record is about may tell us.

Alternatively, I have circumstantial findings that may explain this. If this record means something to you, Shehan, McKenna and Shea, email to ask.

How this family connects...

The generations to present include :

Jean Jacques THIBEAU (aka Louis Joseph WAUTHY) / Anne McINLEY

Jean Pierre THIBEAU / Susan POTTIE

John Antoine Pius THIBEAU / Anne Basilisse ROBERTSON

Abraham Alfred Damien BURKE / Ellen Jane THIBEAU

Alfred Thomas Burton LONGHURST / Theresa Mary BURKE

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