Descendants of Antoine Bourg and Antoinette Landry

Coat-of-arms of the Bourg-Bourcque family...

Note : Bourg, Bour, Bourq, Bourc, Bourck, Boureq, Bourque, Bourke, Burke and other variations seem interchangable in the available documentation.

Timeline, Details and Relationships in France

The earliest people that some researchers believe are ancestors of Antoine Bourg begin with...

...Jean François Bourgeois dit de Lyon. He was born after 1424. He married Anne Blondeau-Notoire.

(By way of explanation, the "dit" in some French names is the conjunction before an added descriptor - simply put, "de Lyon" (of, or from, Lyon) is a nickname or affix differentiating Jean François Bourgeois from others with the same, or similar, name.)

Jean Bourgeois dit de Lyon was the son of Jean François and Anne. He was born in 1475, in St. Pierre, Oise, Picardie, France. He married Agnes Folette (born 1480, daughter of Michel Folette and __________ .

Thiebaud Bourgeois was the son of Jean and Agnes. He was born in 1510. He married Alix Vauchard (born 1500, in St Pierre, Oise, Picardy, France).

Jean-Baptiste Bourgeois was the son of Thiebaud and Alix. He was born in 1525, in Pontpoint, Oise, Picardie, France. He married Veronique Denis (born 1530, died 1601). Jean-Baptiste died in 1585.

Antoine Bourgeois was the son of Jean-Baptiste and Veronique. He was born c1555 in Picardy, France. He married Marguerite Wreckringer (born 1556 in France; daughter of Dominique Wreckringer, born 1540; and Suzanne Hyld, born 1540, died on January 12, 1620 in Lorraine, France).

Proposition: due to logical conflicts with the dates found in online records, I am going to suggest that Antoine and Margeurite were the parents of Nicolas-Jacques Bourgeois dit Grandjehan ("Big John", born 1570) and Simon Bourg(eois), prominent below. I am going to suggest also that Nicolas-Jacques named one of his sons after his brother (Simon). Please contact me if you have contradicting proof.

Simon Bourg(eois) was born in 1576, in Martaizé, a village in the province of Poitou, France. Simon married Hélène Comptée, born in 1579, also in Martaizé. Simon and Hélène had two children: Antoine Bourg, born in 1609, in Martaizé; and Perrine Bourg, born in 1611. Perrine first married Simon Pelletret, and had two children: Henriette Pelletret, born in 1641, married Pierre Doucet; and Jeanne Pelletret, born in 1643, married to Barnabe Martin; then Perrine married René Landry (the elder) in 1645.

Map of France, showing the area known as Poitou, as it was when Antoine Bourg emigrated...

Antoine Bourg is considered to be the father of the Bourg family in Acadia. There is no actual proof of birthplace, but it is believed that he was born in Martaizé, in the province of Poitou (today, Vienne), in France. Antoine seems likely to have worked at the nearby estates of the family of Charles de Menou D'Aulnay. Aulnay, known earlier in history as Aunedonnacum, dates back to Gallo/Roman times as a station on the imperial Roman road through the area. Martaizé is about a half-hour's walk from Aulnay (to the west). This could mean that descendants of Bourgs from this area have a blend of "Celtic Gaul" and Roman ancestors.

In 1632, Commander Isaac de Razilly became the governor of Acadia. D'Aulnay, a French nobleman, was a cousin to Razilly and became involved in the logistics of supply and recruitment for the effort of (re)possession, settlement, and trade. (Scottish families in the area at the time were returned to England, interestingly foreshadowing the Deportation.) Antoine arrived in Acadia in 1632 as one of perhaps three hundred recruits on two or three ships (one being the Saint Jehan). Antoine could have been involved with any of the work going on in numerous locations in the region, and may have made more than one ocean passage.

Razilly subsequently died in 1635, and was succeeded by D'Aulnay. The work of colonization continued. In 1636, Antoine settled in Port-Royal on land, either purchased or granted, on the opposite side of the Dauphin (Annapolis River today) from where the mouth of Allain Creek is. The settlement of Port-Royal (having been moved from its original location some four miles to the west) would easily be in view across the river to the east, on the peninsula of land almost extending across the river where Annapolis Royal is situated today.

By 1642, in Port-Royal, Antoine Bourg had met and married Antoinette Landry, sister of a transport ship's captain. Unfortunately there is some debate as to the parents and birthplace of Antoinette Landry. Having distilled the information from numerous accounts, it seems likely that Antoinette Landry was born in 1618 in La Chausse, Vienne, France (near Martaizé), and that she emigrated to Port-Royal in the late 1630's, with her brother René.

Due to records lost in a fire in the early 1700's, and due to the fact that there were two men named René Landry in the early days of Port-Royal, researchers have come to no agreeable conclusion as to how the Landry name got started in Acadian history. (A quick Internet search for Jean-Claude Landry in Acadia will yield fascinating results.)

Antoinette is on the list of the "mothers of the Acadian people" as it is preserved on large yellowed paper in the Maritime Archives, Ministry of the Colonies, Paris. These women came principally from the areas of Poitou (where Martaizé is located), Berri, Bretagne and Touraine in France.

Port-Royal / Annapolis Royal

Cam's note: In a trip to the Annapolis region made in November of 2015, I was able to locate, and walk upon, the land that had been owned by the Bourg family back in the 1600's. This link leads to a page describing the area and the trip. There are a number of pictures and images to view that will help give a sense of the lay of the land. Presented here are a few, as a preview...

Click to enlarge. Click here to be taken to a page of pictures of this house. Click to enlarge.

Click on a picture to be taken to a page about Port-Royal / Annapolis Royal.

Bourg Ancestry Summary

The possible generations leading up to emigration to Canada, beginning c1425, include...

Jean Francois Bourgeois dit de Lyon / Anne Blondeau-Notoire

Jean Bourgeois dit de Lyon / Agnes Folette

Thiebaud Bourgeois / Alix Vauchard

Jean-Baptiste Bourgeois / Veronique Denis

Antoine Bourgeois / Marguerite Wreckringer

Simon Bourg(eois) / Hélène Comptée


The generations in Canada, from 1632 to recent, include...

Antoine Bourg / Antoinette Landry

Abraham Bourg / Marie Brun

Michel Bourg / Anne Boudrot

Pierre Bourg / Cecile Dugas

Joseph Bourg / Anne Boucher

Damien Bourg (Sr.) / Domitille Cordeau

Damien Bourg (Jr.) / Eugenie Landry

Abraham Alfred Damien Burke / Ellen Jane Thibeau

Alfred Longhurst / Theresa Burke


Timeline, Details and Relationships in Canada

Below are details on the Bourg descendants, beginning with Simon Bourg (Antoine's father)...

Cam's note: much of this kind of information comes from church registers and other early documents of which more and more are turning up as accessible online. These transcriptions must have been an incredible task for the dedicated people who did the work. Dealing with translations, colloquialisms, phonetical spellings, poor handwriting, paleographic challenges, misspellings and original lackadaisical recordings (with often an illiterate person to check the initial entry) - it is amazing that anything useful has come from some of the pages. And it is also understandable that there may be differing interpretations of the pages' contents with multiple variations of surnames and given names. Please go to the bottom of this page to see an example...

This is a link to the Nova Scotia Archives, to where I think the beginning of the parish records for Port-Royale can be found. If they move in the future, a text search at the Archives for this phrase should find them.

The Registers of St. Jean-Baptiste, Annapolis Royal, 1702-1755

Simon Bourg

How this family connects...

The generations in Canada to present include...

Antoine BOURG (born 1609, in France, arrived in Canada in 1632) / Antoinette LANDRY

Abraham BOURG (born 1662) / Marie BRUN

Michel BOURG born 1693) / Anne BOUDROT

Pierre BOURG born 1740) / Cecile DUGAS

Joseph BOURG (born 1777) / Anne BOUCHER

Damien BOURG (Sr.) (born 1821) / Domitille CORDEAU

Damien BOURG (Jr.) (born 1853) / Eugenie LANDRY

Abraham Alfred Damien BURKE (born 1884) / Ellen Jane THIBEAU

Theresa Mary BURKE (born 1925) / Alfred LONGHURST

Nova Scotia Archives

Nova Scotia Archives has become quite digitized and offers searchable databases with links to original documents and photographs. This link will take you to the Genealogy Guide.

Here is an example of a parish register page. Pages such as these are now searchable at the Nova Scotia Archives and elsewhere.

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