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Two pictures from the same day, at a place called Rocky Point, located east of Halifax along the coast no less than two hours in a modern car on modern roads. The glass pop bottles that Ruby and Jean are holding are 7 Up.

If you have arrived here because of the "chart depot" gang, and you know anyone in this picture, please email me at camlonghurst @ yahoo dot ca. Besides my mother Theresa Burke (polka dots in first picture, striped top in second picture), one of the women is Jean Pierce (or Pearce, head showing above the tree in second picture, and in the next photo below). The manager, I believe, was named Joe May (could be left-most in first picture). Link to a third picture...

The same fountain, shown below, in a picture taken in 1980, reminds one of how the old black-and-whites can be more factual than representative.

Links to a short video clip on Halifax in wartime.

In her prized fur coat of the 50's era.

Reading Life magazine issue from May 22, 1948.

Same coat and house.

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