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Colleen was an avid reader of a wide variety of books and articles. She found things to read in bookstores, libraries and other venues, and on the Internet.

She liked to tell people about the better things she read, and might make copies or purchase duplicates of some of these things to distribute. She also liked to give books as gifts - I was one of many recipients.

Some of the things she read were for pleasure and entertainment, while as many other things or more were to educate herself.

Here are some of the books she had in her personal library when she passed away...

Follow this link to commercial audio recordings of spiritual nature.

Follow this link to Colleen's audio recordings of spiritual nature.

Follow this link to a web page about Colleen's spiritual interests.

Books, spirituality...

Below is a hand-written note found amongst Colleen's effects. I protected it and set it aside knowing that it would be important. Colleen was not one to believe in the randomness of the universe. She was on a mission of discovery and she had faith in the outcome. While Colleen may have come across this book and adopted the philosophy, I prefer to think that she discovered the book in her travels and found someone in their valley seeing what she saw in her own.

This first group of book covers shows Colleen's interest in the spiritual nature of the living world.

Colleen had an interest in beings from other worlds, too. Books about UFOs were part of her collection. Some believe that humans have either originated on another world or have been greatly influenced by beings from other worlds.

People and objects emit a luminous radiation, an aura, that parasychologists analyze for insight into character. Of the colours that can be seen in their auras, there is some belief that indigo may indicate special, unusual, and perhaps supernatural children. Colleen took an interest in auras and had some done from her own aura. "Crystal children" and "rainbow children" were also of interest. Follow this link to more details (Doreen Virtue).

Ghosts and the afterlife, and life before life, all had appeal to Colleen. She even had an interest in "ghost towns", and I believe she visited some of the local ones in Ontario.

Angels and spirit guides, other worlds and hidden realms - for those who think that there must be more to life than just once around in this world.

Although our family was Christian (Protestant), none of us were outwardly religious. Christmas had importance but more as a time for giving. The story of Christ is fascinating to many people, with interest ranging from spiritual need to historical perspective. Some Christians have a strong belief in the afterlife, others less so.

I'm sure that Colleen, and all of us, felt the need to be healed at some time. In her case, I think she also wanted to be a healer, a helper, someone to reach out to. Books like these may have had a dual purpose.

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