Burke/Longhurst Ancestry - website disclaimer

If there is anything at the site that you have found to be incorrect, let me know. If there is anything at the site that you do not want at the site, let me know.

In the first instance, I will try to get to correcting the info as soon as I can, but I have to say that I was never the one who had any of the proof of anything at the site except what my own immediate family members have told me in person. I have accepted what many have told me at face value, and when confronted with two contrary bits of info that have come in from two different sources at two different times, I have made a choice based on what I felt was the most likely. No one should be using this site as proof-positive of their existence or their lineage - it is merely a starting point and a way to find, and communicate with, others that have similar interests. I would be very open to posting documentative proof of what is at the site, if it is available and provided to me. I do not have any proof of anything except what I know from my own experience.

If I were to only put things at the website that were absolutely true, there would be nothing here at all, for there is not one bit of Truth in the entire universe, there is only one whole Truth, and we would have to be omniscient to know it - we all have to make our own assumptions and draw our own conclusions from the data that we have and the observations that we make every day.

In a practical sense, the website is produced with an overblown design program called Adobe Go Live!. It takes about ten minutes to make even a change as simple as adding a comma. So I try to do the editing en masse after a period of time to cut down on how difficult it can be to post changes. This is not a full-time job for me, it is a hobby.

In the second instance, I have posted things from many sources that I felt are part of the story of how the Longhurst name in my immediate family arrived in Canada. This has been my primary interest of this entire ancestry project - I wanted to know how the Burke name came to my mother and how the Longhurst name came to my father. It was not my intention to have the only website on the topic of Longhursts or on any of the associated families, or even to have the authorative website. It is what it is.

If you have sent me something that now appears at the site that you no longer want at the site, I can remove it. If you don't like how it sounds, I can change it. If you want to write it yourself, I can include it as a downloadable document or as a stand-alone webpage (and I do offer links to webpages of others that have significantly more info and better layouts for information about other branches of the family). If I don't like it, it won't appear.

I have posted the info on the Internet so anyone who has an interest in it can get at it at their leisure. Whatever is there can be copied, corrupted, adulterated and otherwise used in ways not intended, so beware. The site is not finished, and will probably never be finished. It is what it is.

I wouldn't mind hearing from anyone about the website. I will continue with my efforts to produce the site I imagined in the beginning, and while I am open to ideas about the site, I expect that it will always be just a reflection of my personal view. I hope you can accept that.

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