The Longhurst Family - Offshoots

Joseph Longhurst and Sarah Haysman came to Canada in 1832. Joseph is descended from John Longhurst, born c1515.

The children of Joseph Longhurst and Sarah Haysman are :

George, Charles, John, James, Anne, (Frederick,) Jesse, Caroline, and Hester...

Frederick Longhurst was christened August 19, 1821 in Dorking Capel Surrey England.

On May 18, 1849, in York County, Ontario, Frederick married Mary Anne Eleanor (born 1829).

Frederick Longhurst died October 17, 1899. Notes from record of death: address at the time of death was 12 Suffolk Place, Toronto, Ontario; cause of death was Bright's disease; occupation was farmer; religion was Methodist.

A census report of 1851 for West York, County York, shows Frederick, a sawyer, and Mary Anne, and also Joseph and Sarah. Since the lines appear together, with Frederick, then Mary Anne, then Joseph and Sarah, the property may well have been Frederick's, and the aged parents were living with them, or the younger couple were living with the parents.

The census report is entitled "Personal Census - Enumeration District No. (handwritten "two", could mean page two) ...376, The modern record of what that location was is at this Government of Canada web page. It shows districts 375, 376, 377 to be Minto, Arthur, Luther. I would think, therefore, that they were living in the Arthur area.

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