The Longhurst Family - Offshoots

Joseph Longhurst and Sarah Haysman came to Canada in 1832. Joseph is descended from John Longhurst, born c1515.

The children of Joseph Longhurst and Sarah Haysman are :

George, Charles, John, James, Anne, Frederick, Jesse, (Caroline) and Hester...

Caroline M. Longhurst was christened on April 8, 1827, in Dorking Capel Surrey England (same day as brother Jesse).

On December 26, 1845, Caroline married George Parsons M.D. (born c1808 in England).

Caroline and George had these children : Jabez, Annie, Monica, Alice, and Caroline.

The census of 1851 for Canada West, York County, York Township shows George (M.D., Unitarian, age 44) with Caroline (age 24), an unreadable-named Parsons (age 15), and Jabez (age 7). No mention of Annie Parsons (who would have been about three years old) or Monica Parsons (a newborn). This raises the question of what relation the fifteen-year-old might be, since Caroline would have only been nine at the time of that birth (perhaps a child of George's from a previous marriage).

George Parsons M.D. died January 30, 1869, in Fullarton Township, Perth County, Ontario.

Caroline M. Longhurst died August 4, 1896 in Toronto, Ontario. Record of death. Cause of death - chronic pleurisy (an inflammation of the tissues, pleura, surrounding the lungs and lining the rib cage).

Both George and Caroline are buried in Avonbank Presbyterian Cemetery near Stratford, Ontario. (More details and directions to the cemetery are available here...)

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Jabez Parsons

Annie Parsons

Monica Parsons

Alice Parsons

Caroline Parsons

  • died 1977 ?

The gravestone reads...

Geo. Parsons, M.D. Died Jan.30, 1869, aged 61 years. His wife Caroline Langhurst, died Aug. 4, 1896, aged 68 years.

Details of the burial site can be found here...

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