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The property in Oro Station...

Archibald John Longhurst owned and operated a one hundred acre farm in Oro County, Concession VII, Lot 6, from 1871 until at least 1881. Farming there would have consisted of raising cows, perhaps pigs, and growing hay and corn. The area is quite hilly, mostly forested, and has the transitional flora found in the area between Southern Ontario and the lower parts of Northern Ontario (increasing number of evergreens, more scrub bushes and trees). Situated on the corner of Bass Lake Sideroad and 6th Line North, the house is about 10 kilometers from the waters of Bass Lake, and about 13 kilometers from the waters of Lake Simcoe, almost equidistant from Orillia and Barrie.

As of July, 2002, the log house itself still stands, although the house has been expanded upon, and there is now stone facing on the exterior walls that hides its original look. The farm is presently owned by C.H. Haidle, address R.R. #1, R.P.O., Oro Station, Ontario. In conversation with Mrs. Haidle, it seems that Archibald John Longhurst may not have been the first owner of the property, and the log house may actually predate his family's being there.

Son Archibald Walter Longhurst was born on Oro County, Ontario, and might well have been born in the house on this property. In any case, he would have spent his early childhood on the property. Sibling "Goldie" was born in Barrie in 1882 - presumably the family had moved in town by this time.

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Modern map of the area, with the lot marked with a large dot and circle...

Views of the property, and nearby landscape - photos taken on July 17, 2002.

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