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When annual fairs and get-togethers were the main entertainment in small communities, contests in everything were popular. Colleen enjoyed discussing her interests with her like-minded peers and actively sought them out. She enjoyed showing her work and entering contests for things like crafts, baking and photography.

Colleen was also very interested in being recognized for her creative writing, and entered many contests. Although I have been unable to find a winning entry in her effects, she was a contributor to numerous newsletters and voluntarily published articles in some of the local newspapers. Her work was good enough to eventually earn her an offer of payment for articles submitted - so much per word and/or photograph. She was very excited about this, and there was a least one recorded payment for her work.

Here are pages from a scrapbook Colleen kept with details and awards for Colleen's handiwork and photography.

Scrapbook of contest prizes
2nd place, one bloom flower, 1988
2nd place, snowy days, 1989
2nd place, clouds, 1989
2nd place, clouds, 1989
1st place, something green, 1990
2nd place, three different flowers, 1990
2nd place, three different flowers, 1990
Special, most points in section 48, 1990
Special, most points in section 48, 1990 3rd place, 1990 list of entries in all categories, 1990 specials and thirds for handicrafts, 1990 special and 2nd place for apron, 1990
1st place for Hallowe'en costume, 1990, nephew Tyler 1st place, jumper, 1990 1st place, farm scene, 1998 4th place, action photo, 1998 5th place, horticulture, 1998
5th place, my pet (Beemer), 1998 2nd place, humourous with caption, 1990 2nd place, gift bag under 12" x 16", 1998 3rd place, wreath or wall hanging, 1998 3rd place, apron, 1989 (exhibitor 676)

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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