The Mansbridge family...

Eliza Mansbridge was born in c1825, in England.

Her parents were ____________ and _____________.

Thomas Burton (Sr.) was born in c1815 in England.

His parents were ____________ and _____________.

Thomas and Eliza were married in England, prior to emigrating to Canada in ________.

Thomas and Eliza had __ children : Thomas A. Burton, born December 1, 1847, in England, died April 7, 1911 in Toronto, Ontario;

How this family connects...

The generations to present include :

Thomas A. BURTON (Sr.) / Eliza MANSBRIDGE

Thomas A. BURTON (Jr.) / Ellen HOUGHTON

Archibald Walter LONGHURST / Fannie Esther BURTON

Archibald Thomas LONGHURST / Lulu SQUIRES

Alfred Thomas Burton LONGHURST / Theresa Mary BURKE

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