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The earliest introduction of the Landry name into the Burke ancestral line comes in the person of Antoinette Landry.

Unfortunately, there is some debate as to the parents and birthplace of Antoinette Landry. Having distilled the information from numerous accounts, it seems most likely that Antoinette Landry was born in 1618 in La Chausse, Vienne, France (near Martaizé), and that she emigrated to Port Royal in the late 1630's, with her brother René.

Due to records lost in a fire in the early 1700's, researchers have come to no agreeable conclusion as to how the Landry name got started in Acadian history. (A quick Internet search for Jean-Claude Landry in Acadia will yield fascinating results.)

Antoinette is on the list of the "mothers of the Acadian people" as it is preserved on large yellowed paper in the Maritime Archives, Ministry of the Colonies, Paris. These women came principally from the areas of Poitou (where Martaizé is located), Berri, Bretagne and Touraine in France.

Antoinette Landry

Regarding the Landry ancestral controversy....

H. George Friedman, Jr. wrote: "Five separate and, as far as is known, unrelated Landry families migrated to North America. (Two) migrated from France and settled in Acadia in the middle 1600s, and curiously, both were headed by men named René; they are therefore distinguished from each other as René Landry l'Aîné (the older) and René Landry le Jeune (the younger)."


A noted genealogist, Stephen A. White wrote: "Regarding the origin and parents of René Landry, le Jeune there is probably no other Acadian family about whose background there has been so much speculation and wishful thinking. The result is that what we actually know about the Landry families who immigrated from France to Acadia, has come to be regrettably enshrouded in a dense fog of error and confusion."

And Stephen A. White wrote: "Jean-Claude Landry is effectively fictitious. There is no record showing that such a person ever existed. The husband of Marie Salé is simply called Jean (or Jehan) Claude in the censuses of 1671 and 1678. According to archives, Marie Salé was married to Jean Claude; if she is to be called the mother of René Landry, necessarily we have to give her husband a name of Jean Claude LANDRY. But, I repeat, the name Jean Claude Landry is not to be found anywhere in the history of Acadia at the time; plus that the husband of Marie Salé was Jean Claude, PERIOD. He was a Micmac Indian. The Indians with the name Claude used to be quite numerous in Nova Scotia, The name became Glaude; in my young days I knew a number of them, who would write their name Glode. (In French, "au" is pronounced "o".) His name occurs twice in the Port Royal Church Registers, ALWAYS as Jehan Claude, NEVER given as family name "Landry". As a matter of fact, if Claude had not been his family name, it would mean that the register gives him his first and SECOND name. Moreover, the registers of Port Royal ALWAYS give the WHOLE name of persons; but the fact is that Jehan Clause has his name given thus, NEVER with another name added to those two. If the family name had been omitted in the registers, it would be the only time that such a thing occured in any register. Thus CLAUDE was the family name."

Regarding the "twin" theory...

Stephen A. White wrote: "No one really knows how the Landrys came to Acadia, how many of them came together, if indeed they did come in a group, or if and how they were related, beyond the simple fact that René Landry l'aine and Antoinette Landry were brother and sister. We certainly have no documentation to show that René and Antoinette were twins! Even though René and Antoinette are said to have both been fifty-three years old in the 1671 census, no experienced genealogist would read that as meaning that they necessarily born at the same time, because such records are rarely strictly accurate. After all, fifteen years later, in 1686, Antoinette is said to have been eighty! And by 1693 she had regressed to seventy-six. Such records are merely guides; they do not admit strict interpretation. To go further, without additional proof, is to indulge in the creation of romantic fiction."

How this family connects...

The generations to present include :

Antoine BOURG / Antoinette LANDRY

Abraham BOURG / Marie BRUN


Pierre BOURG / Cecile DUGAS


Damien BOURG (Sr.) / Domitille CORDEAU

Damien BOURG (Jr.) / Eugenie LANDRY

Abraham Alfred Damien BURKE / Ellen Jane THIBEAU

Alfred LONGHURST / Theresa Mary BURKE

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