Early Acadian house design

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens has recreated an early Acadian house.

On a trip in November of 2015, I was able to take these pictures of the house. The site was closed, and the doors to the house locked, but there were two small broken windows through which I passed the camera inside to take the interior pictures. The sun angle was from late afternoon, close to 6 PM. The background area visible is in the direction of Allain Creek.

In this replica of an early 17th century house, the walls and chimney were made of upright beams with a kind of clay-straw mix in between. The thatched roof design was replaced with a wooden roof later in the century. Comparable settlers' houses in Ontario's pioneer days were about the same size, but were constructed with wood primarily, with stone chimneys - both communities working with the abundant materials at hand.

Antoine Bourg himself may well have lived in a house like this.

All of the pictures are high resolution - click on any one to enlarge.

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