Damien Burke - photo page

This page contains information pertaining to descendants of "le Vieux" Damien (Jr.) Burke was born February 9, 1853, grandfather of Theresa Mary Burke.

Family portrait of Damien and Eugenie (c1929)...

Top row : granddaughters Angela, Frances and Lillian; daughter Celeste Anne, daughter-in-law Ellen Jane, granddaughter Cecilia, son Fred.

Middle row : grandson Leo, possibly grandson Donald, granddaughter Jean, possibly grandson Clarence Landry with palm forward, Damien holding granddaughter Mary Eugenie, Eugenie holding grandson Lou, granddaughter Cecilia.

Bottom row : granddaughter Helen, grandson Bernard (palm downward), granddaughter Theresa, grandson Lou.

Other photo pages...

Each of Fred and Ellen Jane's kids have a photo page.

Lillian, Angela, Frances, Arthur, Garvey, Cecilia, Donald, Jean, Herman, Bernard, Theresa, and Lou.

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