Louisdale Catholic church - St. Louis Paris, graveyard

Many of the Bourg/Burke descendants and relatives are buried in the Louisdale and River Bourgeois church graveyards.

These are photos of the Louisdale graveyard and the gravestones there, taken on a few different visits.

This is a link to the River Bourgeois church page, where pictures of that church, graveyard and gravestones can be viewed.

Photos of the Louisdale church and churchyard...

Cam's note: During a visit on November 16, 2015, I took these pictures of this memorial and of these gravestones.

Theresa's father, Frederick.
Theresa's mother, Ellen Jane.
A handful of Theresa's ashes.

A picture to show the relative positions of Fred's and Ellen Jane's gravestones to each other.

A picture to show the relative positions of these gravestones in the graveyard.

Donald, remembered.

May 27, 2011...

This series of photos were taken during a visit made by husband Fred and son Cam on May 27, 2011, on the birthday of Theresa Burke who passed away the year previous on May 13, in her 84th year.

Father Noel would have been the priest during the time Theresa Burke was growing up. 1931 to 1945 would match up with the ages of 6 through 20 for Theresa.

Ellen Jane Burke (née Thibeau) is Theresa's mother.

Frederick (Fred) Burke is Theresa's father.

Lillian Samson (née Burke) was Theresa's oldest sister, first child of Ellen Jane and Fred Burke. Felix Samson was her husband.

Jean Burke, wife of Francis Bennie Marchand, is an older sister of Theresa's, eighth child of Ellen Jane and Fred Burke.

Donald and Bernard (pronounced "Bernerd") were older brothers of Theresa's, Ellen Jane and Fred Burke's seventh and eleventh children.

The lightest coloured rectangular stone is for Ellen Jane Burke. The stone faces the church. The angled view shows the proximity of the coastal water.

Fred Burke's gravestone, sitting precariously. (It had fallen over by 2015.) In the wider view of this portion of the graveyard, Ellen Jane's stone can be seen in relationship to Fred's - two rows back and two positions to the left. (Sixteen years passed between their deaths.) I understand that, in the spring of each year, volunteers do their best to clean and restore any fallen stones to their original orientation and condition.

Benjamin ("Bennie") Marchand and wife Elizabeth ("Zabette") were the parents of Joseph Clarence Marchand and Joseph Francis (à Bennie) Marchand. Brothers Clarence and Francis Bennie married sisters Angela Burke and Jean Burke, respectively.

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