Nova Scotia Area Scenery - Unidentified Photographs

This group of photographs was in Thersa Burke's collection, so they are Burke-related. They could be of relatives or acquaintances. They could be from any time between 1920 and 1960. If you know who anyone is in these photos, or if you know when or where any of these photos were taken, please email me at camlonghurst at yahoo dot ca.

If I knew anything to help, I put it in the title text - hold your mouse cursor still over a picture and see what pops up.

One possibility - the pictures may be from the same family.

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The building in the photo just above has been identified as the Farquhar House Hotel, located in Port Hawkesbury. has a different picture with some text. I will leave the picture here for now to see if anyone can identify the people in the picture.

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