Descendants of John Longhurst, revised

John Longhurst, who lived in Ockley Surrey England in the 1500's, is a starting point for a record of descendants leading up to 1787, to the birth of Joseph Longhurst. Joseph and his family, including son James, were the first ancestral Longhursts to settle in Canada. Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst is a descendant of Joseph, through his son James. If John is considered to be the first generation, Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst is the fifteenth generation.

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The information below includes these key ancestors...

John Longhurst - born c1515, died 1575, married Amy ________ .

Walter Longhurst - born c1550, died 1624, married Ames Diggins.

William Longhurst - born c1575, died 1599, married Elizabeth ________ .

John Longhurst - born c1586, died c1631, married Ann Spooner.

Joseph Longhurst - born c1650, died c1698, married Margaret Steere.

Walter Longhurst - born c1674, died c____, married Elizabeth Knight.

Walter Longhurst - born c1715, died c1797, married Ann Capon.

John Longhurst - born 1745, died 1815, married Mary Wheeler.

Joseph Longhurst - born 1787, died 18, married Sarah Haysman.

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Note : yeoman - a farmer who cultivates his own land, especially a member of a former class of small freeholders in England. A yeoman in England is considered as next in order to the gentry.

Note : husbandman - a farmer; a cultivator or tiller of the ground. A husbandman would generally not own the land he worked, but would lease or rent it.

Note : a "messuage" is a dwelling-house with outbuildings and land assigned to its use.

Note : place names were spelled variously - Cranley, Cranleigh; Wooton, Wootton, Wotton;

John Longhurst

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