Louisdale, Richmond County, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Louisdale Catholic church - St. Louis Parish.

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Theresa had her first communion here.

Theresa Burke remembers... the family attending this church. She also remembers attending weddings there, and a donation made by the family to the church for a statue of St. Theresa.

Theresa was not an outwardly religious person (and I do not remember us ever attending church as a family), but she did always carry a card with her that had been blessed, even though it had almost disintegrated over time when I first saw it c2008.

From the History of Louisdale by Benjamin Marchand, as told to Richard Marchand, great, great grandson of the founder...

"Having no church yet in Louisdale and Arichat their parish and a distance away, a church was very much needed. The majority of the people had no horses and had to walk that distance in order to make their Easter duties. In August 1902, the people of Louisdale called a meeting with Rev. Fr. Gallant P.P. of Arichat presiding, urging the people of Louisdale to make a special effort to raise funds to start the church. Mostly all the parishioners signed their names to pay funds to start the church, which was started in 1904 and the exterior completed."

"The exterior of the church has (sic) already been built twenty-one years and is getting very shaky. With Rev. A. E. Momberquette (sic) P.P. of Arichat at the head, there was eighteen feet added to it and the interior completed in 1925."

...by the grandson of the founder, the present year is 1962 A.D.

Aerial photo of Louisdale, taken by W. Ellison. Louisdale church can readily be seen.

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Photos of the Louisdale church taken on various visits (dates noted below)...

These photos were taken during a visit in 2011...

Photo of Louisdale church comparable to the photo of the church taken in the 30's (see above). Some remodeling is visible.

Photos taken from ground level in the church.

Photos taken from the balcony of the church.

Close up of crucifixion icon. Stained glass windows.

St. Theresa, from different angles. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux was officially declared a Saint on May 17, 1925.

Saint Anne with Mary statue.
Saint Joseph with Baby Jesus statue.
Our Lady of Fatima with children statue.

The families who had settled in the Louisdale area by 1850. Wikipedia: The Louisdale area was formerly known as "Barrasois St. Louis" or "The Barachois", according to archival documents.

Louisdale Church graveyard...

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