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The "atte Lote" name... During the late 13th and early 14th century period, the name "Lote" occurs around Alciston, although not around Wisborough. In addition, the name also occurs at Chyngton, a small area in Flexborough Hundred, in 1296, 1327/8 and 1332. This name has a topographical meaning, a word signifying a share, and probably derives from people living near land where it was the practice to divide, and allot, meadowland annually "by lot" between the tenants of a manner. There is little doubt that the name "atte Lote" has the same significance as "Loteman"( see below).

The "Loteman" name... The name "Loteman" was first present in Sussex during the late 13th and early 14th centuries, namely Alciston in East Sussex and Wisborough in West Sussex. Early examples of the name "Loteman" are found within these small areas, and within these areas, they formed one particular social class. This creates a strong presumption that all the bearers of the name "Loteman" were related, and probably derives from a single family.

It seems possible that all persons named "Lutman" were descended from a Walter Loteman in 1332, around Wisborough in West Sussex. The assumption that all "Lotemans" were descended from this point is based upon the subsequent locality of the surname across Sussex, and in particular, its absence from East Sussex during the 16th and 17th centuries in contrast to its abundance in West Sussex during the 17th century.

Walter Loteman was also known as Walter de Lutmannesparr or Walter de Lotemanesparr, meaning "Loteman's enclosure" - one who held enclosed land. The names "Loteman" and "Lutemann" were used for the same individual.

It is worth noting that this account of the "Lutman" name does not accord with the general belief that it derived from "Lytelman" - meaning "little man".

The "Lutman" name... The name "Lutman" was prominent in Sussex and, in particular, Wisborough Green in West Sussex between 1550 & 1600. The distribution of the name across Britain accounted for 94% within Sussex and 50% within Wishorough Green.

After the 17th century the "Lutman" name had all but disappeared from the parish of Wisborough Green, although an area of land, a mile south of Wisborough Green, bears the family name, and is called Luttnans.

The "Lutman" family tree...The earliest known records of [this] particular branch of the Lutman family tree originates from Hampshire, dating from the 18th until the mid-19th century. They were resident in Hampshire, north of Fareham, and were centred around an area of 35 square miles at Wickham (c.1768 - 1795), Soberton (c.1795 - 1820) and Boarhunt (e.1820- 1852).

William Lutman (died 1795) was resident in Wickham, Hampshire, between 1763 and 1795, whilst his son, James Lutman (1763-1850) was resident in Wickham between 1763 and 1790.

At present, I have no genealogical evidence to establish a link between the Lutmans from Hampshire and the Lutmans from Sussex, and in particular, Wishorough Green. It can therefore be assumed that the migration into Hampshire would have taken place between 1650 and 1763.

Information provided by Simon Lutman.

William Lutman

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The generations to present include :


James LUTMAN (Sr.) / Ann ??

James LUTMAN (Jr.) / Harriet MAINER


Thomas BURTON (Jr.) / Ellen HOUGHTON

Archibald Walter LONGHURST / Fannie Esther BURTON

Archibald Thomas LONGHURST / Lulu SQUIRES

Alfred Thomas Burton LONGHURST / Theresa Mary BURKE

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James LUTMAN (Sr.) / Ann ??

James LUTMAN (Jr.) / Harriet MAINER

Alfred LUTMAN (brother of Louisa LUTMAN) / Elizabeth RANDALL

Emmanuel James LUTMAN / Annie Marie FAITHFULL

Albert Edward BLACKWELL / Frances Evelyn LUTMAN

Alan Douglas BLACKWELL /

Alan Blackwell, c2000.

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