The Mainer family...

Permutations of this family name include Mainer, Mayner, Maynard.

Harriet Mainer was born April 5, 1800, in Southwick Parish, Hampshire, England.

Her parents were ____________ and ____________.

James Lutman (Jr.) was born May 25, 1795 in Soberton, Hampshire, England.

His parents were James Lutman (Sr.) and ________________.

Harriet and James married, and had 10 children : Louisa (born September 9, 1821 in Soberton, Hampshire, England), Henry (born 1823, in Soberton, Hampshire, England), William (born 1826, in Boarhunt, Hampshire, England), Ellen (born 1829, in Soberton, Hampshire, England), Sophia (born c1830, in Soberton, Hampshire, England), Alfred (born 1933, in Boarhunt, Hampshire, England), Emmanuel (born 1835, in Boarhunt, Hampshire, England), Peter (born 1838, in Boarhunt, Hampshire, England), Alice (born 1841, in Boarhunt, Hampshire, England), and James (born 1845, in Boarhunt, Hampshire, England).

Louisa Lutman wed Samuel Houghton (Sr.) on June 7, 1840. In 1871, Samual and Louisa and other family members followed some of their oldest children to Canada, where they settled and lived out their lives. (See the Houghton page referred to earlier for more details.)

How this family connects...

The generations to present include :

James LUTMAN (Jr.) / Harriet MAINER


Thomas BURTON (Jr.) / Ellen HOUGHTON

Archibald Walter LONGHURST / Fannie Esther BURTON

Archibald Thomas LONGHURST / Lulu SQUIRES

Alfred Thomas Burton LONGHURST / Theresa Mary BURKE

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