Other Names Associated with Longhurst Ancestry...

Over the years, some ancestral names became changed by marriage to Longhurst. These names include:

Burton, Child, Diggins, Harrowell, Haysman, Houghton, Linney, Looker, Lutman, MacDonald, Mainer, Pullbrook, Showyer, Sidley, Snell, Squires, Swan, Swayne, Verrell, Wheeler

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Who came to Canada, from where, and when they came...

The Longhurst name, in direct line to Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst, came into Canada in the person of Joseph Longhurst (born 1789). Joseph, wife Sarah (Haysman) and numerous children came to Upper Canada aboard the ship Eveline, from Dorking Capel Surrey England in 1832. The family was sponsored by the Dorking Emigration Society. To see many more details, follow this link...

Joseph Longhurst and Sarah Haysman and their offspring account for a great many (if not all) of the Longhursts in Ontario in the 19th century. Joseph and Sarah would be Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst's great great great grandparents.

Other ancestral paths leading into Canada are outlined below...

Thomas A. Burton (Sr.), born c1815 in England, came with his wife, Eliza Mansbridge, and family to Canada sometime after 1847. His England-born son, Thomas A. Burton (Jr.), would meet and marry Ellen Houghton (see below).

Thomas Burton (Sr.) and Eliza Mansbridge would be Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst's great great grandparents.

John Edward Looker and Mary Ann Pullbrook had a daughter named Mary Martha (born 1853), who married Archibald John Longhurst (Sr.) in 1872. it is not presently known who of the Looker family first came to Canada, or when.

John Edward Looker and Mary Ann Pullbrook would be Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst's great great grandparents.

In the year 1867, adventurous 27-year-old Samuel Houghton (Jr.) decided to journey to Canada to see what life in the Colonies would be like. On April 13, 1869, brother Uriah (then 18) and sister Ellen (then 14) also made the Trans-Atlantic trip. On April 19, 1870, sister Emily, along with her husband George and their two eldest children, left for Canada.

Samuel (Jr.) travelled back to see the family in Boarhunt, Hampshire, England, and told them of his adventures in Canada and the vast tracts of land available. He returned to Canada on October 10, 1870. Samuel Jr.'s parents, Samuel Houghton and Louisa (Lutman), must have been impressed with what he told them, because the following spring, on April 6, 1871, Samuel (Sr.) brought the rest of the family to join Samuel (Jr.), Ellen, Uriah and Emily in Canada. They all settled in the area of Pinkerton's Corners, Ontario.

Ellen Houghton would marry Thomas Burton (Jr., see above) and have a daughter named Fannie Esther. Fannie Esther Burton would marry Archibald Walter Longhurst (Jr.).

Samuel Houghton and Louisa Lutman would be Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst's great great grandparents.

Alice Violet (Lulu) Squires (born August 31, 1901) and her younger sister Amy left Liverpool, England on June 14, 1912 aboard the S.S. Tunisian and arrived in Montreal, Canada on June 23. The two girls had been sent to Canada as part of the resettlement of children orphaned and left in the care of Barnardo's Homes. Lulu worked for room and board on various farms in southern central Ontario.

In 1919, in Barrie, Ontario, Lulu met 19-year-old Archibald Thomas Longhurst when he was delivering a parcel to the home she was at. They subsequently married, and were the parents of Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst.

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